xela studio is a visual art studio based in sydney, australia. it was founded by alexandra mitropoulos in january 2015, and has generated a range of handmade artistic  pieces. 


the studio originally began coincidentally from a handmade gift, and expanded into a range of custom made pieces. each work is inspired by a passion for contemporary, abstract art, and an obsession with all things creative.


her passion for art has been innate from a young age, with creativity and design fuelling her every interest. the studio is a dream come reality, not a day spent painting is a day considered 'working'. 


these pieces should lighten up your space with premium quality papers, watercolour and acrylic paints, foiling materials, technique and care. 

the studio has expanded to hand crafted and custom designed pieces for any event, be it wedding, christening or birthday. 

creative projects of any sort are welcome